About Us

In August of 2005, Lisa Braccio and her husband Matthew got a link to the website anysoldier.com and went to the website.  They read the actual words from Service members about conditions and what they “needed”.  It was shocking to see the requests for basic necessities, things we take for granted there at home.

At that time they realized they had to do something and with the assistance of their neighbor, the Fucci Family, the first Care Package Drive was born 2 weeks later.

To date, our 18th Drive, has generated over 8,700 boxes and over 199,000 pounds of “Touches and Tastes” of home to our brave Men and Women currently serving our Great Nation overseas.  All of the items we ship and the monies to cover the cost of postage have been raised and donated by Volunteers and the wonderful Communities that have truly have given from their hearts.

As the Drive continued to grow, the need for additional help did as well.  And the Drive was blessed with new faces coming on board to continue the dream of:  For one minute of one day as the Service members open the box from complete strangers to bring them home with our gift of love and support.  To let them know they are not forgotten.

With support from fellow Organizers, Debbie Depp-Wilson and Doriann Jasinski, with the generous support of our Community, surrounding Communities, Corporate Donors and a dedicated band of Volunteers and Donors we will continue until every Service member is home.

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